FRP Moulded Centrifugal Chemical process Pumps

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`CHEMTROL INDUSTRIES’ has the privilege to be the FIRST MANUFACTURER OF FRP MOULDED CENTRIFUGAL CHEMICAL PROCESS PUMPS IN INDIA and have to their credit the success of establishing this new concept and product to acceptance.  Considering the natural customer resistance to change to new product and apprehensions and non-confidence of clients way back in the year 1977 regarding an entirely new and untried material of construction, considerable efforts had to be spent in the direction of customer education and acceptance in the market.  The task was even more difficult and complicated in the face of the stiff competition, the company faced free, large and small scale pump manufacturers already established and having product lines in a wide range of constructions adopted so far for similar applications. 

Scientifically managed and professionally organized Chemtrol Industries, is a project specifically planned and conceived to meet the varied and exacting demand of chemical and process industries for corrosion resistance chemical process pumps.  The company philosophy is customer’s service, quality and operational reliability as its priced management objectives in catering to the diverse pumping requirements of chemical industries.

Having entered the market in later half of 1977, Chemtrol has, to it’s credit, a sizeable and impressive list of clients featuring a large number of reputed and quality conscious large sector organization in the country.  Through its basic concept of offering  an augmented product line, with added benefits, like customer after sales service and technical assistance in connected areas of pump application going with the physical products, the company has successfully made a mark in the field of chemical and process industry across the country and abroad.

Chemtrol pump find their application in handling a vide range of highly corrosive and aggressive liquids like acids, alkalis, dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, effluent etc. and ensure reliable and trouble free operation providing longer life and minimum maintenance and replacement costs.

‘Chemtrol’ thus is an interesting case study of how a professionally operated unit, though small scale, with a strong scientific base in the marketand could successfully penetrate and secure a stringent industrial market as customarily traditional as that of chemical process pumps.




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